Quibids: A Quirky Way to Score Quality Stuff?

quibidsQuibids is quite hot. If you take the words “quick” and “bid” and say them super fast, you get “Quibids”, and this Website is all about making bids quickly. (Some might say ridiculously quickly.)

It may be that you are unfamiliar with Quibids. If so, there are a few things that you must know. Quibids is a penny auction Website, meaning that you pay to place a bid – and, no you do not pay a penny but several pennies.

Say you have been waking up in the wee hours and dreaming that you have a Canon Rebel T21; you live to take photos and your current camera just isn’t doing it for you anymore. Your bank account, sadly, is not up to the purchase. What would you say if you knew that someone at Quibids just won an auction for the camera of your dreams, paying only 148.58 or 5 percent of its regular price? (This is the actual price paid at the end of an auction at Quibids.)

You would probably say, “I want in.” Read on to find out more about more about this penny auction Website that has some shacking their heads and others bidding on the stuff they really want but can’t quite afford right now.

How much does it cost to place a bid?

This is a question that has two answers, really. The Quibids Website will tell you that it takes only 60 cents to place a bid and this is true, in a way. You do need to buy your bids in bulk; you can buy 40 bids for 24 dollars, 75 bids for 45 dollars, 300 bids for 180 and so on. As you can see, if you are mathematically inclined, the more bids you buy, the cheaper each bid is.

There is one more part to the answer of this question. If you are newbie, if you’ve just signed up at the Quibids Website, you have to buy what is a beginner’s pack of 100 bids for 60 dollars. You should know that you would be given a chance to use these newly purchased bids to win more bids.

Do I decide how much to bid on the camera that keeps me up at night?

This is an easier question to answer: no. You place a bid and Quibids places a bid of an amount of its choosing. When you bid, you then become the highest bidder, until someone else bids. Then you must bid again to become the highest bidder once more. The lucky bidder who is in the position of being the highest bidder when the auction closes wins the coveted item. So, it is all about when you bid, not what you bid.

Just how quick is it at Quibids?

Things happen at breakneck speed over at Quibids. You can browse through items that are up for auction; you will see how long it is until the auction will begin by looking at the clock that sits directly below the item, counting down the minutes until the fun begins. Once the auction begins, you have five minutes within which to bid: the pace is rapid and, it has to be said, creates excitement that may even lead to a slight addiction.

What is a Bid-O-Matic bidder?

bid o maticA Bid-O-Matic bidder uses a special tool to automatically place bids on her behalf. Why? Well, a piece of software is a lot faster than a human being. If you are bidding on an item, and you notice that another bidder is suspiciously fast, you can safely deduce that they are using a Bid-O-Matic tool. It is clever not to bid against such a bidder, unless their bidding speed rapidly crashes, meaning that they may have run out of bids.

What are my chances of winning a Quibid auction?

Every Quibids auction has a different number of bidders, who may or may not be using Bid-O-Matic tools and who have varied levels of commitment to winning the product. There is a serious amount of luck involved too: remember the highest bidder at the end of a five-minute lightening round of bids takes home the prize.

So, it is difficult to place odds on the likelihood of your winning an auction at Quibids. It may be that experiencing an auction is really the only way to get a sense of how things work at this penny auction Website.

You will find countless Websites that purport to know the secrets to winning at Quibids though the process at the Website seems fairly straight forward; you bid as late as possible in the auction and hope to be the last woman standing.

To wrap up

You will find that some people who have tried to win an auction at Quibids walk away in frustration feeling like it is impossible for them to ever win an auction; others score an iPad or a Bahamas cruise or, yes, even a Canon Rebel T21, and walk away with beaming smiles plastered over their faces.

The thing is, not everyone can win, though Quibids does give you the option of buying the product you bid on at its retail price less the amount of money you spent trying to win it, which is not a small consolation, especially if you intend to buy the item regardless of the outcome of the auction.

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